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Family Care

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We are a health care practice located in the Princeton/Plainsboro area facilitating physician services for the whole family. Since we are specialized in Internal Medicine we know how exactly your health should be managed in a way that you can rely on us.

From the day you decide that you are no longer using your pediatrician for your service, you are in a need for a service of a family doctor. If this describes you irrespective of your age, then we are able to help you as your family doctor for the rest of your life – if you live in the area of our coverage.

Current development in healthcare law mandates that everyone obtains a healthcare insurance. This is good news for most of the people who could not afford health care or wanted to have affordable health care. As a healthcare practice, which focuses on your well being, we strongly advise you to take advantage of this and start consulting a doctor without waiting till your good health deteriorates.

Currently, our practice accepts new patients. To make an appointment please click here.